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Nigerian Lady found dead in her apartment in Asaba… and her friends are claiming she was stabbed to death by her lesbian lover [Details]

In a rather disturbing new report reaching us this hour, a Nigerian lady, identified as simply, “Vivian” was found dead in her apartment, today 15th of June 2020… and circumstances surrounding her death is quite sketchy. The incident happened at Summit Junction, Near Govt. House in Asaba. According to Vivian’s friends, the deceased was reportedly stabbed to death about three days ago, and she was left to rot. Vivian’s are now pointing fingers at her lover, claiming Vivian was stabbed by her lesbian lover. According to the gist flying round.. Vivian’s lover is the stud (tomboy) in their lesbian relationship, and she (the stud) was allegedly caught sleeping with a guy. It’s gathered that her lover, the stud, over the fear that Vivian might expose her for ‘sleeping with a guy’ and probably ruining her ‘stud’ reputation, stabbed her to death while she was asleep, then covered her with a piece of cloth and then made away with some of her valuable items. She then went ahead to

Tunde Ednut calls out ladies who sell, buy charms on IG to entrap wealthy men.

Popular Instagram Influncer, Tunde Ednut has berated women who sell and buy charms/juju in a bit to entrap unsuspecting wealthy men. Tunde Ednut According to Tunde, the matter has not attracted public outrage simply because it is women who are committing the act. He added that it would be completely different narrative if a group of men come out to start selling charms that can make it easy to take advantage of women. While condemning the act, the blogger also warned wealthy married men who are fond of commiting adultery. He warned them to stay faithful for the sake of their wives. “Have self control especially those married men that can’t control their d!cks. Respect your wife. You’ll just go out, fuck and bring different rubbish spirit back to your wife at home. If you are rich, you are a prime target. If you are broke, continue, they don’t need you,” he wrote, See post below:

(Full story) Lady asks for advice after her husband vowed to never help his in-laws after paying N580k bride price

A Nigerian lady’s marriage that’s still at an infant stage is not at its best moment currently following her husband’s attitude towards her family. The whole ache seems to have started when her family, who gave her husband a marriage list worth N580k when they were to wed, are now demanding he contributes N120k for his brother-in-law’s marriage. In the story shared by Twitter user, @SmartAtuadi, the confused lady recounts how her husband who earns N70k monthly incurred about N580k expenses based on the list given to him during their wedding. She revealed that the heavy amount her husband spent at the time sort of made him vow never to help her family members financially, insisting his in-laws have collected all their entitlements from him. Their marriage has become worrisome now as the man’s brother-in-law is about to wed and was a given a N400k marriage list from his bride — the father-in-law then shared his son’s marriage costs and demanded his son-in-law who earns N70k to

Flood Destroys 100 Houses, Displaces 300 Persons in Akwa-Ibom.

A Heavy downpour resulting in flood has destroyed 100 houses and displaced 300 persons in Eket Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the heavy downpour which started about 3a.m in the early hours of yesterday, ended around 12p.m in the afternoon in Eket and its environs. The resultant flood displaced some residents of Eket in Edem Udo, Grace Bill, Marina Junction, Udoh Umoh, Stadium road, Ikot Udoma, Idua road among other adjoining streets in the area. The flood resulting from the persistent rainfall and bad drainage system in the area, destroyed over 100 houses and displaced 300 persons. Mr Ubong Mark, a resident of Edem Udom in Eket, while narrating his ordeal, said he has been suffering from effects of flooding in the area for the past eight years. “Today’s flood is indeed a serious calamity that has befallen me. I was at home preparing for church when water began to enter into my house as a result of accumulated pressure of

JUST IN: Resident doctors begin indefinite strike

The National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeria on Monday commenced a nationwide strike after the expiration of a 14-day ultimatum. NARD President, Dr Aliyu Sokomba, announced this while addressing a press conference on Monday in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. He stated that the union has decided to exempt its members working in various coronavirus (COVID-19) isolation and treatment centres across the country. Dr Sokomba, however, stated that exemption of the members attending to COVID-19 patients was for two weeks before they join the industrial action. Amongst their demands include: – Stoppage of Illegal deductions of Salaries by some state government – Refund of illegally deducted salaries -Non-payment of salaries of some members -Non-payment of COVID19 inducement allowances -Inadequate supply of Personal Protective Equipment -Harassment and Assault of Doctors in the line of duty. – Failure of government to provide life insurance for doctors an

Covid-19 fright: Tottenham release statement on proposed calling off Man Utd clash

Tottenham Hotspur have released a statement insisting that preparations for Friday’s Premier League clash against Manchester United will continue, despite their meeting with a Norwich City player who has tested positive for COVID-19. Spurs lost 2-1 to the Canaries in a behind-closed-doors friendly match at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. However a player from the visiting team, was confirmed as one of two to test positive for Coronavirus, when the latest batch of testing results were released on Saturday. With the player now set to isolate for seven days, it has led some to speculation that Spurs players would also have to isolate under the track and trace guidelines. However Spurs say that isn’t the case, as their squad weren’t in close contact with the Norwich player. “Close contacts have been defined by the government as being within two metres of a confirmed case for 15 minutes or more,” Tottenham said in a statement. “The Norwich player in question confirmed he had no

Lady narrates how a pastor charged she and friend to repent or go to hell over indecent dressing. (Video)

A lady with the twitter handle @chi_derah  had narrated how she and her friend were harassed by a Mountain of Fire pastor. According to the lady, she and her friend were walking to the market when the pastor confronted them saying that their sunshades won’t help in hell. In a video posted by the lady, the pastor could be heard telling the ladies that if they don’t repent and change they will go to hell. The pastor called the ladies daughters of Jezebel, adding that they should repent so that they can go to heaven. When the ladies asked for his name, the pastor said he is known as David Godspower from Mountain of Fire Ministry. She wrote: “So I and my friend were walking to the market and this man kept harassing us in broad daylight saying he’s a preacher and our sunshades won’t help us in hell. Mountain of fire pastors hope y’all can find this person and act accordingly. Kindly tag relevant authorities please.” Watch: VIDEO.