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Nigerian Lady reveals reason she'd never date a broke guy again.

A Nigerian lady, Eniola, has taken to Twitter to reveal why she won’t be dating anybody without money again. According to her, she once dated a jobless guy who she was helping, but he ghosted her when he got a good job. Eniola also said he lost the job 6 months after and tried to come back to her, but she ignored him. “I once dated uncle fine boy without a job because I thought he had POTENTIAL, I’d send him money for food twice a month. Well, he stopped calling and ghosted me when he had a good job. I know what having money feels like so I won’t be dating anybody WITHOUT MONEY. By the way, he got fired after 6 months then he tried to “HEY” his way back into my life since 2016 but his messages are still there ON READ.” she wrote.

Man arraigned for allegedly killing his wife and their baby in Osun

The police in Osun state on Tuesday, June 23, arraigned one Michael Adunola before an Osun State Magistrates’ Court in Ile-Ife, for allegedly killing his wife, Esther and their 14-month-old baby, Glory.  The headless body of Esther and Glory were discovered in a gutter opposite the AUD Primary School, Isale Agbara, Ile-Ife in May. Police investigation led to the arrest of Michael Adunola and one lady, Atinuke Olawoyin.  The prosecutor, Sunday Osanyintuyi, told the court today that the accused committed the offence on May 23, 2020, around 12 noon at Ile-Ife. He explained that the accused conspired with a friend and murdered his wife and baby. He said the accused unlawfully killed Esther and Glory and cut off their heads and hands.  Osanyintuyi said the offences committed contravened Sections 242, 319(1), and 516 of the Criminal Code, Laws of Osun, 2002. Magistrate Muhibah Olatunji refused to take the pleas of the accused persons. She told the prosecutor to duplicate the case f

"My ex and I were best friends till we got married then the hate became unexplainable" Woman narrates the incident that made her run from her marriage

A woman took to Twitter to narrate how she ran away from her marriage when it seemed like her life was on the line. Adenike, a cosmetologist, shared her story while reacting to the death of Olamide Alli, who was murdered by her fiancé before he committed suicide over the weekend. Adenike said in her case, her ex-husband didn't show signs that he was capable of hurting her. She added that they had a wonderful relationship until they got married. After marriage, she said he became jealous of her and of her achievements. She said her success made him angry so she quit her job and pumped her savings into his business, yet he wasn't happy. Adenike said she left the marriage late one night when she got wind of his plan to kill her. She claims he had narrated in details how he intended to kill her. She says she's grateful she left her abusive partner before it was too late.  Read her thread below.

Lady shares story of how her friend lost three children after mocking her for being childless

A Nigerian lady has taken to her Facebook to share a story of how a friend of hers, who mocked her for being childless lost 3 children. She shared the story some four days ago on her Facebook timeline — according to Obianuju Perpetual Kanu, one Nneka who used to be her friend took her clothes without her permission and when she confronted her and asked her to return her clothes, she insulted her and made mockery of her childlessness. Obianuju said Nneka did not only mock her but also asked her children to stone her out of their compound. An heartbroken Obianuju revealed that out of anger, she cursed her friend and told her that “unending tears” will visit her. This will be the best song you'd listen to today: Kayode - Sideguy - Click Here She said the incident occurred in 2006 and the lady called her in 2020 to ask for forgiveness. Read what she wrote below, It’s 1am Canadian time today I received a call from Nneka . She asked how I am doing and if I have kids and I sa

See photos of couple involved in murder/suicide incident in Lagos + graphic photos from the scene of the murder.

Here are photos of Chris Ndukwe and Olamide Alli, the couple involved in the murder/suicide incident that happened at Victory Park estate in Lagos over the weekend. Recall that on Monday, June 22, Topgistpedia shared the sad story of how Chris stabbed Olamide to death and then committed suicide by drinking a pesticide.  The couple who were planning to tie the knot in August this year, have been in a troubled relationship for over seven years. They have two boys, a seven-year-old and a three-year-old. Trouble however started recently when Chris began to doubt the paternity of their second child.  On Sunday June 21, he locked Olamide in his room where he duck taped her, cut her braids and stabbed her multiple times with different knives until she died, and then committed suicide by drinking a pesticide. The state police command in a statement  released, said investigations have commenced on the incident.  See graphic photos from the scene of the incident below.

Man breaks the hand of lady preventing him from beating his wife(photos)

An abusive husband has broken the hand of a lady who was preventing him from beating his wife, and has allegedly bribed Lagos police to pervert justice. According to the lady, Mogbonjubola Awofolu who shared her story on Instagram, the man, Tobi came to her house to beat up his wife, when she tried stopping him, he carried her dressing mirror and threw it at her, and she got a broken wrist. She also alleged than the man went to the police station to bribe them before she went to report the case. Read her story below… “On Friday 19th of June 2020 ,A particular guy named Tobi came to my house to beat up his wife in my house, precisely my room ,the wife is my goddaughter and that wasn’t her first time of coming to my house with his consent even with their children , throughout the lockdown for 2month his wife and children was in my house,on that faithful day he said she was rude to her and she wanted to discipline her ,I told him it can’t be in my house and presence that you will

Single mum allegedly commits suicide in Port Harcourt after posting a cry for help on Facebook

A woman has died by alleged suicide in Port Harcourt after taking to Facebook to post a cry for help that no one took seriously. Princess Folashade Eloho Bello, a single mum-of-one, took to Facebook on June 19 to pour out her heart. She spoke about giving up hope but ended the post with a smiley that masked the pain in her heart. Due to the smiley face emoji, friends say they didn't understand that she was going through a lot.  Two days after sharing the post, she allegedly committed suicide on June 21. Her Facebook friends claim she consumed some harmful liquids. They also claim that she was depressed. She leaves behind her young son, Cristal.  A counsellor who worked closely with her took to Facebook to announce her death and mourn her. He disclosed that she bought his self-help books in 2018 and he was shocked to hear that she has taken her life.  Below are tributes from Facebook users.

5-year-old girl dies after her cousin raped her and her 8-year-old sister

A woman and her son have been arrested after the son raped his two young cousins living with them, leading to the death of one of the girls. 5-year-old Kadijah M. Saccoh and her sister were living with their aunt and her son in her home in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Kadijah's parents were living apart. The father, Congolese Saccoh, is living in the U.S. and had been trying to take Kadijah, a U.S. citizen, with him to the U.S. but couldn't because a Judge prevented him from doing so as the mother was not in support. Kadijah and her sister remained with their aunt, who is the elder sister of Kadijah's mum. Unfortunately, the aunt's son began raping Kadijah's elder sister, aged 8, and Kadijah, aged 5. Reports claim that when the aunt found out her son had raped Kadijah's sister, she hid it from the children's parents and treated the girl herself. Her son then raped Kadijah and she hid that too and tried treating the girl. Unfortunately, Kadijah died a

Salary can’t cure the disease called poverty – Reno Omokri

Popular Nigerian author, known for his controversial points, Reno Omokri, has dropped another nugget for his fans and followers on social media. In his post on Twitter, Reno Omokri said salary is a medicine for managing the disease of poverty and cant cure it. He went on to advise people to start up a business because it is a solution to poverty. He wrote; “Salary is medicine for managing the disease of poverty. It cant cure it. Only your own business can cure poverty. Poverty isn’t just about money. Time is more valuable than money. If another man controls your time, you’re poor even if you earn much. “Salary is like a cage. Some cages are big. Others are small. They are still cages because you can only move around within the boundaries of the cage. A big salary Is a big cage. A small salary is a small cage. Big or small, you are still not free! “Satan has deceived mankind that money is life. No. Time is life. Don’t allow your life seep away in one cubicle earning salary.

Woman hospitalized after husband brutalized her for refusing to abort their 3-month-old pregnancy(photos)

A pregnant woman has been hospitalized after she was allegedly beaten up by her husband at Ode-Irele, Ondo State. Ronke Adeyemi, 33, who’s said to be 3-months pregnant with her second child, was brutalized by her husband, Bebu Abiodun Abbey, 35, on Saturday, June 20, for allegedly refusing to abort the pregnancy. According to her brother, Jimmy Adekanle, the man beat up his wife and inserted his hands in her private part in an attempt to remove the fetus from her belly. The couple who got married in August 2018, is said to have been witnessing series of domestic violence in their union. “Our sister had been complaining to us for a long time about how her husband had been maltreating her over every single issue since they got married. We always settle issues for them because there is no perfect marriage but her sin this time around was her refusal to abort her three-month-old pregnancy which she had for him. The husband wants her to terminate the pregnancy and since she ref