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Woman who rejected her boyfriend's proposal because he didn't kneel speaks out after she went viral (video)

  The Nigerian woman who rejected her boyfriend’s proposal because he refused to kneel down to propose has reacted after the video went viral. The woman identified herself as Lucia and she defended her decision.  She called out her boyfriend for allowing the video to be public, thereby causing people to insult her under his post. She stated that every one has their preferences and kneeling to be proposed to is her preference. She added that kneeling to propose is a sign of respect and may be the only time the man may get to show respect for his woman, since after marriage, she's expected to serve the man. She further stated that as a woman she deserves and demands that respect. She asked people to do what works for them and stated that she will do what works for her. She said it would have been a different case if the proposal was private, but since he chose to make it public, he should have knelt down. She added that it was supposed to be a private moment between them and she didn